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The best best hosting added to our listing, including detailed casino reviews and ratings, bonuses, promotions, and experiences by real players right at your fingertips. Here you can find the top web hosting we have included in our database just recently.

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What is Web Hosting?

This is one question that generates few answers. Web hosting is the provision of access for private individuals and organization via the World Wide Web. It is highly difficult to own a private server. One, only a few companies can cover the cost in owning one or fit into their budget. Two, the expertise needed in running one’s server is one an individual and most companies do not have. As a result of lack of infrastructure to run a server, some companies started providing this access to others by creating websites that would be hosted on their server and published by their web hosting service. This is how web hosting started.

Best Web Hosting

There are several web hosting companies in the world offering users with arrays of features and pricing, but only a few ranks as the best web hosting companies. The best web hosting companies offers something more than the average ones such as extra user-friendly features.

Best Free Web Hosting

As earlier stated, there are numerous web hosting services. Some hosting servers provide access for their clients or users for free. Usually, these category of web hosting services are regarded as Smaller Hosting Services. They offer a basic service that allows users or subscribers to access the World Wide Web usually through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). What makes the best free web hosting server? They offer extra features such as reliability, unlimited disk and bandwidth, templates and fast upload. Here are some of the best free web hosting companies:,, While paid web hosting is still the advisable for large companies, as a small startup or individual, these best free web hosting servers would offer you the basic features you need.

Web Hosting Companies & Reviews

While there are some totally free web hosting companies, there are some that can be described as “nearly free web hosting companies”. The companies charge very low fees for their huge features and advantages they offer. Here, we make reviews and rating of several top notch free web hosting and nearly free web hosting companies, comparing and contrasting their pros and cons. Here, you would find a few well known ones as well some under-the-radar ones that would amaze you. For example, we make comparison such as bluehost vs hostgator, hostgator vs godaddy, and bluehost vs godaddy, listing why you should pick any of them over the other.