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Web Hosting is a service offered by a hosting Company where you can host or store all your website information starting from the database, photos, documents and everything that pertains to it. If you want to start a physical business, you will probably have to rent a store for your business. This is the same case that applies when you want to start your website. You will need to rent space online and whoever is responsible for giving you the space to store your site data is the web hosting company. A website’s file usually includes documents, CSS files, HTML files media files and much more. Hostblast is one of them. There are many others such as Godaddy, Host Gator and much more.

When you choose a web host, this will be the company that will sell you server space and manages the servers thus making it easy for you to host your site for your visitors the world over can access the website files. However if your site should be online, then you also need to have a domain. A domain name can make a great comparison with a house address. Someone can have a hard time finding your house if you don’t tell them the address name that they can remember.

About Hostblast

Hostblast is a US company that has been in existence since 2001.  The US Company has made a name for itself as one of the oldest and most trusted hosting companies. It attributes this to its history of loyalty and satisfying its customers. It is only in this company where you will find pocket-friendly packages and reliable services, with plans that start with a paltry $0.50 a month. Cheap is said to be expensive in the long run, however, in this site, despite the unlimited cheap hosting packages, one is guaranteed of the optimum uptime as well as support system any time.

Why do people love this hosting company?

Mediocre hosting Companies have services which  are cheap but poor. Their uptime is also less than 99%, leave alone the 99.9% uptime. This is a narrative that cannot be said about Hostblast.

Again if you want to create a brand that people will love for long and will have no issue buying from you, then you must invest in your customer support first. The way you handle your customers can make or break your business. Nonetheless, this does not only apply to e-commerce shops but sells household items but any domain company.  Hostblast knows this secret and has invested in knowledgeable customer support, and it is working for it over time. Being only knowledgeable is one thing, but the availability is also another thing. This company customer support is around the clock. Customers can get through its customer care agents any time of day or night, daily.

Hostblast is loved by many because this site has customer promotions and coupons. Customers flock where they can get the best services, and on top, benefit from discounts of sorts when they choose a service or purchase a product.

Should I use Hostblast hosting Services?

As discussed above, there are apparent benefits for one to choose this service provider and shun its competitors. Talk about reliability during those down times when you need them most.  In their site also they offer their customers quite many payment options. For example, one can use Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Visa, MasterCard and much more. All these payments are secure and efficient. Some web hosts have not so many payment options and thus can seem not convenient.

Another thing that gives this company an edge over its competitors is the fact that they have been in the business for more than a decade. It has a considerable number of customers who think, that they are the best company. Such happy customers usually help market the hosting company by among other avenues, a word f mount.

Hostblast Web Hosting plans and prices

Currently, the web hosting company has attractive web hosting packages which are offered with premium features as well as support. The best thing with Hostblast packages is there are no hidden charges or being charged extra when you are renewing your subscription. As said earlier, packages can be bought for as low as $0.5 per month. Despite this cost, your website gets hosted on an ultra-fast and premium quality server. Your site is also hosted in a 100% secure environment and backed with a 27/7 monitoring system.

Hostblast Web Hosting plans

  • Packages start from Bronze. This package is only $0.5 a month
  • The next one is the Silver package which will cost you a paltry $0.85 each month.
  • There is also the Gold package which will also cost you $1 each month. Finally, the Platinum package. This one is also pocket-friendly and comes with a myriad of features. You will only part with $2 every month for this package.

Hostblast VPS hosting

VPS hosting means a Virtual Private Server. Actually, this is a virtualized server. It mimics a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. You won’t be wrong when saying that it is both a shared and dedicated hosting at the same time.

You can choose this hosting among many, to host your website online.  VPS hosting works similar to Virtual Box or VMware. It lets you run many virtualized operating systems on one machine.   For instance, your machine could be running on Windows 7, but also you can run on another operating system such as Linux or Windows XP without having to restart your computer.

This hosting service from Hostblast is driven by a SAB which consists of Enterprise SSD in hardware RAID10. It has many caching devices and a 10GBPS Fiber used for communication. When you purchase this service, you are guaranteed of topnotch I/O available in the market.

Hostblast VPS hosting

What you get when you buy VPS Hosting

  • You get full root access – one gains full access of their VPS over the Linux access line
  • Control Panel – All the control panels that you might have known about are included in the cPanel as well as Plesk
  • SSD storage – You gain fast access to your website files at a speed of 6GB/s with solid state drives
  • Around the clock support – The Company’s customer support is around the clock to help you with any server elated question.

cPanel SSD Hosting

An SSD is a storage device for websites, which contains non-volatile flash memory. When you are not using a hard drive, an SSD would be the other alternative. The name stands for a Solid State Drive. You can also call it a solid state disk. The SSD, however, does not contain an actual disc or a motor that runs the disc. It, however, uses integrated circuit assemblies to store its memory. People prefer this hosting service because it faster to retrieve data; up to 300% faster. It enhances your website’s loading speed and also the upload time. This service also has the capability of handling greater traffic, and after its end life, it does not crash. SSD is also resistant to shocks and vibrations, and finally, it works perfectly in either extremely low or high temperatures.

When you purchase the cPanel SSD hosting from Hostblast, you are guaranteed of a 99% uptime for your website, as well as a 30 days money back guarantee.

DDos Protected Hosting

DDoS stands for Distribution Denial of Service attack. The DDoS works to render a computer resource totally unavailable or degraded. While there are many techniques of launching a DDoS attack depending on your motives, and targets, the attacks usually represent organized attempts to disable a website or a service. It can also cause a sufficient downtime for a duration of time or even permanently.

Most common targets for DDoS attacks include website services that deal with finance, such as bank sites, internet e-commerce establishments, media websites, public sector websites, online gaming sites or even the whole country.

Hostblast offers this hosting that protects your site from being crippled or halted for a moment. For only $10 a month, you get yourself this hosting along with free SSL and all the packages. It is ideal for high-risk websites, such as the ones highlighted above. The high-risk site includes HYIP and MLM.

When you buy this package, you get yourself the following.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • •  Website Builder Pro
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Protect 01 Domain
  • PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 or 5.4
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • Ioncube Loader/ Zend Optimizer

Eco Dedicated Servers

Eco server hosting can also be referred to as Green Web hosting.  It goes a long way to save the environment as the hosting in particular damages items. The benefits of eco dedicated hosting are far and wide. For instance, web hosting alone generates a couple of tons of Carbon Dioxide every year, more than that produced by a car in the said year. However, this depends on the number of websites you are hosting and also the number of watts of power you are using.  What eco dedicated servers do is to maximize the power as well as the resource usage. It is possible to have a server that uses more watts. Eco dedicated servers have a lot of benefits, and also have positive marketing impacts on a company. It is environmentally friendly and also is an affordable option. It is possible for a business to gain customers’ trust simply by using eco dedicated servers from Hostblast hosting company.

Eco Dedicated Servers Eco Dedicated Servers

This company has a lot in stock for customers, so that they can find a solution that fits within their budget and also serves their needs. Here are some of them.

Premium Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is the rental and use of a computer which includes a web server, the connection to the internet, and related software that are housed in the web hosting company premises. Websites usually need dedicated servers. And if your site receives too much traffic, there is a need to use a dedicated server like what Hostblast offers. This company usually configures the server remotely from its premises. When you use a dedicated server from the premises of hosting company, it saves the router, system security, internet connection and also the network administration cost.  

Premium Dedicated Servers

This is why; Hostblast brings you the premium dedicated servers from as little as $60 a month. For this package, the setup fee is only $25. There is also another package for $65 a month for HBP32G and HBP64G for $70. The setup fee for all the packages is constant, however, currently, HBP64G is out of stock.

If you are running on a tight budget, there is no need to go for the most expensive package, however, all the HBP64G is a bit more costly and it is the reason that it is out of stock.  All the same, all premium dedicated servers come with a host of nice features, and the installation cost is constant despite the package that you choose.

Pros using Hostblast hosting services

There are many reasons why you should use this company’s services, and to start with,

  • They have flexible packages that even individuals can afford
  • You can easily get through their customer support, physically, through phone or on the web
  • Fast website load speed
  • Support available around the clock
  • They accept a number of payment gateways  including Bitcoins which most companies don’t accept

Cons using Hostblast hosting services

  • Other companies offer better services for the same cost
  • The site is still not well known by many
  • Plans Availability
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Easy Of Use
  • Reliability


As you have seen, this is a site company that has been on a low profile but has been providing the best services. It is also affordable as with only $0.5 a month; you will be hosted. The pros of using the site also far much outweigh the cons, and this can just mean one thing; the company services are topnotch, and further takes the Hostblast rating even higher than 3.7.

User Review
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Comments Rating 2.23 (13 reviews)


roberta till
May 17, 2017

I just changed my domain registrar...

  • Plans Availability
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Easy Of Use
  • Reliability

I just changed my domain registrar over to HostBlast, now most emails I try to send are being returned as undeliverable.

I keep receiving errors stating:
“A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

host [xxx.1×9.121.11]
SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
550 5.7.1 [C17] RBL Restriction: – <> – See

The CSI IP Reputation Remediation Portal states that the IP used by HostBlast is suspect as a “global threat“.

Tried contacting HostBlast support many times, starting over a week ago, but have gotten no response. As per the numerous reviews below, looks like my money spent with HostBlast was money wasted.

Seems not only is HostBlast is fraudulent/scamming company, but they serve as host to many other fraudulent and spamming companies. Birds of a feather……..

For anyone interested, I have already contacted several Attorney`s, and am looking to initiate a class action lawsuit against HostBlast. Anyone else that has been negatively affected by HostBlast`s cruddy service, or that has lost money to their fraud, should contact me at The more complainants we have, the better chance of gaining class-action status against, and recouping lost monies from these shysters.

No one should have to tolerate this kind of garbage. It`s time to take action folks. I urge you to get in touch.

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User Review
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