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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dedicated Hosting

by on November 1, 2018

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Dedicated hosting is something that you should consider if you run a website that gets lots of hits. You don`t want to share hosting with a bunch of other sites because that may mean site lag, and that`s not a good thing. But, there are still some things about dedicated hosting that you may not know. Like what? Like these things!

What You Didn`t Know About Dedicated Hosting

  1. You will save money. Yes, you will! How? At the start, dedicated hosting packages are more expensive, I`ll give you that. But, let`s tally up the revenue that you will lose when your site shuts down or slows down thanks to another website. Or, how about all the customers that will go elsewhere when your site can`t be reached? If you sit down and count it out, this can add up to a lot of dollars wasted. Going the dedicated hosting route will save you money – that`s a fact!
  2. It`s much easier to sign up for dedicated hosting than it is to host your own site! Thinking of hosting your own site? You may want to rethink that plan. Unless you have some serious skills, hosting your own site is basically a setup for disaster – and it`s not cheap!
  3. You`ll get more attention. Hosting companies that sell dedicated hosting packages love clients like you. Why? Because you`re paying top dollar for that dedicated hosting package, and that means that you come first. Just make sure to snag a hosting plan that comes with excellent support.
  4. Know what you need. While you should get the best support available, you may not need everything that`s offered in a dedicated hosting package. If you purchase the best just to have the best, you may be overpaying – and that`s not a good plan. Not sure what you need? Take a look at some of the options on this site – we carefully lay out hosting plans for you, so that you can see what makes sense and what doesn`t.
  5. Do you really need dedicated hosting? If you run a small business, you probably do need a dedicated option. That said, don`t just settle for the cheapest option out there. Look for a hosting company that can be trusted like A Small Orange or find one that fits your niche. There are lots of hosting companies and packages to choose from, so make sure to choose wisely. When it comes to dedicated hosting, it`s all pretty cut and dry.

But, you do have to read real and honest reviews, and it will pay to take the time to compare hosting packages before you decide on the best one. Need some help? Just ask. What hosting companies do we recommend? BlueHost, A Small Orange, GoDaddy, Arxvive, and a number of others. Take a look at our comparison charts to see the rest!


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