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We are a group of dedicated web hosting professionals, made up of several qualified and talented people all over the world. Our editors are the epitome of dedication, ensuring that we remain at a level unmatched by any of our rivals. Our writers are the combination of talent and hard work possessing a wide range of skills that make them the best.
We have a host of auxiliary staff whose effort and contribution to the collective is priceless, to say the least. Becoming the best free web hosting company is no overnight success – it requires years of hard work, dedication, a massive pool of talent and a strong desire for consumer satisfaction.
Meet our team of experts below.

First, before we go on into many details, we need to look into what is web hosting. Web hosting is services are a type of internet hosting services which allows for accessibility through the World Wide Web. With the aid of a web hosting service, individuals and groups (organizations) can make their website accessible through the popular World Wide Web.


How We Are Evaluating/Reviews Web Hosting Providers

We put into consideration a number of factors before deciding one of the best free web hosting companies. There are lots of web hosting servers in the world, but only a few of them trump the rest as a standout server that offers its users/clients everything they want.
We have 2 rating systems which we use for our reviews; ratings by the SiteGeek team and ratings by Community/User reviews. Why do we have two review systems? We believe in a concise, comprehensive and precise review system that highlights all the pros and cons of a web hosting company. We have the expert knowledge of our SiteGeek team whose experience and foresight gives them the credibility to give an adequate review. This we combine with the reviews of our community/users to ensure an adequate, encompassing and satisfying review.
The SiteGeek takes into consideration four important factors: Pricing, Features, Ease of Use and Reliability.

There is no denying the fact that price determines quality. Good things they say, do not come cheap. Nevertheless, good things can be affordable. The SiteGeek team considers the affordability of a web hosting server when considering how it ranks amongst its contemporaries.
The pricing also determines how it compares to other choices, raising some question which the SiteGeek team answers. Questions such as how much is it? Is it cheaper than its closest alternative? Does it fit into the user’s budget? etc.

This factor concerns the features of the web hosting service that makes it a great choice for any user. Features such as ad support, database support, script installation and so on are some of the things considered by the SiteGreek team.

Simplicity is key for the use of any web hosting platform or provider. There is a need for a web hosting server to be simple, easy to understand and easy to navigate. This enhances optimization and allows for faster use.

Last, but not the least is reliability. How reliable is this web hosting server? How comfortable do users feel when they use the service? Is it tested and trusted? Is it recommendable?
The SiteGeek team discerns all these questions providing the detailed conclusion that helps give a great and accurate review.


The Wow Factor in Sitgeek

What makes us unique?
There are several web hosting review websites out there giving similar information as we do. But what makes out different? It is no overstatement that we are the best web hosting review website but this is no empty words. Our users and readers have developed a trust in our abilities to suggest the best web hosting hub for them. This trust we have earned through disciplined and thorough reviews over the years with each review showing no decline in quality or substance.
While other web hosting review websites either choose between substance and style, we have reached a balance between the two and this recipe we have perfected over the years to create something that is more like art.

We are not technical – just like the metric used in our review system, we offer simplicity at its best to our readers. You cannot get confused by the words used in our reviews. Our reviews are easy to grasp and comprehend, ensuring that readers can easily take to our recommendations.

We care about the simple users – in fact, we put you first. Professionals and developers in web hosting know all the grey areas, the dos and don’ts as well as what to do. It is the simple users that are unaware of all these details.

These are the target audience of our reviews. Your mum with little tech knowledge or your grandma with zero tech experience would easily understand a SiteGeek review. This is how simple we are.


Sitegeek Offers More than Just Reviews!

We provide more than just web hosting providers’ reviews. SiteGeek is a total web hosting hub that offers everything there is to know about web hosting. We provide our readers with useful information and tips on how to use different hosting providers. SiteGeek prides itself in its follow-up, providing you with more than just a review on what to do but also how to go about it.
We have several top-notch contents such as Hosting 101 designed to equip any beginner with basic web hosting knowledge, How-To bits of advice and Guides which is designed to help you navigate through the world of web hosting and Video Tutorials which you dare not miss.
With SiteGeek and its numerous skilled professionals, we teach you all there is to know about web hosting. Basically, we give you a comprehensive and simple definition of what is web hosting.

In this massive web hosting hub, SiteGeek is the light and guide that you need. Be a part of our community and get the full web hosting experience. Drop your reviews about web hosting providers and help us help others.