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Is Dedicated Hosting More Secure Than Shared Hosting?

by on November 3, 2018

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If you`ve landed on this site, you`re probably researching the best types of dedicated hosting, best dedicated hosting companies, and other things to do with dedicated hosting. Most likely, you are considering the move to this type of hosting package, which is a really good idea if you run a small business. One other thing to consider is which type of hosting is the most secure option? If you are working with sensitive data, you`ll want to make very sure that your hosting choice is a secure one. Let`s take a look at the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting when it comes to security.

Shared Hosting Security

Shared hosting means, well, sharing with other people that use the same server. As with sharing anything else, you may run into security issues if someone else on your server has a security breach. This can be a major damper on any business for obvious reasons. Shared hosting might be more cost-effective when it comes to saving a few dollars, but sharing a server isn`t the most secure option – even if you customize things and try your best to make sure that everything is secure. The problem with shared hosting is that you do not have complete control over security.

Dedicated Hosting Security

Most dedicated hosting options come with managed hosting (optional), which means that you can reach customer service at any time of the day or night. You can also set up firewalls and other security features, so that your site is completely secure. You aren`t sharing a server with anyone when you have dedicated hosting, and this means that no other site can bring your site down or cause security issues. If you run a big or small company, share sensitive information, or know that your site will be generating a ton of traffic, you can`t afford not to have a completely secure server. It`s that simple. So, which companies offer the best and most secure dedicated server packages? Take a look at all of the companies that we have reviewed on this site. We`ve spent our time making lists of companies that you can feel good about dealing with, so that you can find what you need quickly. The simple truth is this: if you run a small business, dedicated hosting that`s completely secure is the only way to go.


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  3. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but if the server have good conditions and rules, shared hosting is more convenient for users.

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