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Dedicated Servers: Easier to Customize

by on September 6, 2018

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As the title of this article suggests, there`s one really good reason why you should go with a dedicated server from the start. If you`re running  a business, you`ll want full access to your server, and you can`t get full access if you have decided on a shared hosting plan. A dedicated plan, on the other hand, lets you completely control and customize your server options.

The Client Control Panel

Most hosting companies will install an OS, and provide you with a control panel that you can access and use as you like. The companies that don`t offer a control panel option are probably not worth using, since the point of a dedicated server is to control a server that you (and you alone) will use to run your business. If you`re thinking that a control panel for a dedicated server must be something highly complicated, that`s not the case in most situations. You do have to pay close attention to dedicated hosting company reviews in order to find a company that creates user-friendly control panels. But, for the most part, hosting companies have the singular goal to create a user panel that`s friendly and simple, since most users don`t really want to mess around with too much technical stuff. Even dedicated hosting plans that are managed can still include a user control panel, so that you do have access when you need to.

Best of Both Worlds

When you`re looking for a dedicated hosting company, choose one that has customer support that you can rely on – and that`s available to you at all times. Even if you do have a package that includes a control panel, it`s also a really great idea to find a company with a technical support team that you can rely on. One that has a team that is available 24 hours per day is also a smart move. Do you have to be a technical expert in order to log in and use a control panel that`s been set up for dedicated hosting? You really don`t! As mentioned, user-friendly control panels take all of the guesswork out of running a dedicated server. But, it`s nice to have the option to log in and check on what`s happening with your server, right? Plus, if you decide to hire an IT expert down the line, you can easily log into your own server, grant access to your IT expert, and go about your business. This isn`t such an easy thing to do (or, rather, it`s impossible) with shared hosting plans.

Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Company

It`s tough to find a great hosting company, so my advice to you is to really do your research. It`s rare that the cheapest option is also the best option, so do keep this in mind if you decide to opt for the cheaper hosting option. You may also want to find a company that`s located in your country or area for ease of use, and never choose a dedicated hosting company that doesn`t give you full access to your server in addition to a secure log in, user control panel, and customer support. In many cases, smaller hosting companies are better hosting companies too. Sure, the big companies, like Amazon, offer some great options, but what will your level of support with a massive company be? Don`t underestimate the importance of having great customer support whenever you need it. There`s a lot more that goes into choose a dedicated hosting company than just price!

Control Panel Must Haves

Any dedicated hosting company offering you a simple control panel option should also offer easy logins, password protection, a really user-friendly dashboard that`s practically fool-proof, updates about what`s happening at all times with your server, and a quick contact option. A control panel isn`t really worth using if it`s not set up properly, so make sure to find an option that`s really set up for you – even better if a company can customize your control panel. Don`t forget that researching the company you will use is important too. To do this, you can conduct a basic Google search, or you can check out SiteGeek.com for additional information and honest client reviews. There`s a lot that goes into choose a hosting provider, but take our advice and go with a dedicated hosting option over a shared hosting choice! Have questions? Need help? Just ask!

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