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Cloud VS. Dedicated Hosting

by on September 6, 2018

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The world has gone cloud crazy. Or so it seems. Everywhere you look, some company is trying to make the case for a new cloud product. You may even find yourself wondering if the cloud is better than a dedicated server. Before you make any kind of move, though, read through this comparison to see why the cloud might not be all that itÂ’s cracked up to be.

What the Cloud Is

When you store your data “in the cloud,” you are allowing a third-party provider to keep track of and store your data for you. This provider will then monitor everything you put in the cloud. More often than not, companies that go the cloud route never really hear about their data again until something goes wrong.

What the Cloud IsnÂ’t

Although it seems like the best solution available the cloud isnÂ’t perfect. Cloud can come under hack attacks, and it is possible for hackers to tap into your personal data thatÂ’s stored in the cloud (as weÂ’ve seen time and time again with major cloud providers). So, know that your information is not entirely secure in the cloud. That said, though, cloud providers do go the extra mile to make sure that your data is safe, and many cloud hosts offer encryption security measures that are far superior to other hosting security options.

Why The Cloud Can be Controversial

There are two main reasons why some companies move to the cloud, have a really bad experience, and move back to a dedicated hosting option. The first is a complete lack of control. Most cloud hosting companies do not provide users with access and control to cloud servers. ThatÂ’s just the nature of the beast. The other problem is that most cloud companies are so big that customer service is almost nonexistent. Customer service and technical support may not seem like a big deal until something happens. ItÂ’s at that point that most companies newly moved to the cloud start to panic. Things happen, nobody is around to fix the issue or provide explanation, and said company decides to cancel the cloud. ThatÂ’s usually how an adventure in cloud hosting goes. So, if you are going to move to the cloud, make sure to choose a smaller company capable of providing excellent tech support. You may also want to find out how much control you actually have over your account (if any at all).

Why Dedicated Makes More Sense

YouÂ’ll hear the argument that the cloud is cheaper, and it can be. But, you always pay the price for a cheaper product, right? Just think about it: will that cheaper item last as long as the more expensive one? Probably not. Well, thatÂ’s the way it goes with dedicated hosting. Sure, you have to hire an IT specialist to handle your servers, but at least you can get in touch with this person when you need to. And renting out space or buying your own equipment is more costly at first, but at least youÂ’ll have control over your data. Control might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is. Dedicated hosting options are archaic or less secure than the cloud. What they are is a respite from too many cloud companies not having a good grasp on the products that they offer. Then again, itÂ’s all about the company that you choose, which is why doing your homework is vital.

Finding the Right Hosting Option

When it comes to storing your company data, you canÂ’t be too careful. ThatÂ’s why we recommend reading as many reviews as possible. It never hurts to read what other people have to say about the company youÂ’re looking into. We do recommend dedicated hosting over cloud hosting, but thatÂ’s largely because most cloud hosting companies just donÂ’t offer the level of support that they should, and users should have more control than is often granted. To further your research into this topic, make sure to check out SiteGeek.com for complete hosting reviews and discussions.

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