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Founded in 1997 and based in Germany, Hetzner hosting is a web hosting Company known for providing cheap hosting plans and high-quality and high-performance web hosting solutions to regular users and corporate companies. It has partnered with leading Networking and PC manufacturers such as Intel and Dell to deliver high speed, high performance and stable and robust servers. Additionally, Hetzner is committed to keeping the environment clean by utilizing green energy to power its servers. 

The major hosting plans include:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Hosting plans begin from € 1.60 for shared Hosting with free domain names and other features which include:

  • Free SSL certificate – Let’s encrypt
  • DNS administration
  • Password protection
  • DDoS protection
  • FTP and FTPS access
  • Daily backups
  • Daily log compilation
  • Webmail System
  • Free email support
  • WordPress installer
  • Graphical admin interface

Email features include:

  • Webmail
  • Auto responders
  • Email synchronization
  • Virus Scanner
  • Free email support

All the servers are in Germany and ride on robust Juniper technology which offers Network redundancy. Users are also assured of 24/7 monitoring and Customer Support

Another notable point is that Hetzner uses Renewable energy to power its data centers which give it a big score as far as using green energy and conserving the environment is concerned. In Germany, the Company uses Hydropower. In Helsinki Finland, the Company relies on Wind energy to power its datacenters.  Additionally, the Company employs the use of energy efficient hardware which has been carefully assessed by an in-house team to ensure optimum power consumption. All these measures have been taken by the Company with the aim of advocating for environmental conservation.

Additionally, Hetzner assures its customers of state-of-the-art data security to ensure clients’ data remains private and secure.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers reside on high-end and state-of-the-art datacenters based on Intel Xeon CPUs and robust SSDs which are capable of handling resource-intensive services. Setting up your servers is as easy as a clicking a few buttons here and there and you’re all set up in a matter of seconds.

The cloud servers come with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface that allows you to easily navigate through different settings and features without much of a hassle.

All the Cloud hosting plans come with

  • DDoS protection
  • An array of Linux images to choose from such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, etc.
  • Snapshot feature to allow you to make a backup of your images
  • Daily backups
  • SSD storage which is expandable up to 10 TB
  • Floating IP addresses
  • 10Gbit Network connection with redundancy using RAID technology

Dedicated Hosting

Hetzner dedicated server hosting plans start from 34.00 € for an Intel Corei7 server with  64GB RAM and 8TB of data storage and prices go up with an increase in server resources and features. Check out a sample of dedicated Hosting plans below

Pros of Hetzner Hosting

  • Availability of a wide range of hosting plans which are cheap/affordable
  • All plans come packaged with the latest software and hardware resources
  • Availability of cPanel and Plesk
  • 1-click installs for CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • An easy to use graphical interface for setting up a VPS

Cons of Hetzner Hosting

  • Poor Customer service
  • Pre-payment is not compatible with PayPal



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