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Meloni Richmond
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July 4, 2014
I am having a very big...

I am having a very big business and thus its website is also very big so to host the same I am looking for the company which can offer their best in class features to host my websites and so after some research and reviews seen on web, I have decided that I will avail the services of this provider as with the common web hosting features which is offered by other providers also, this company is offering some bonus features also which are additional, as given:
* Javascripts/ DHTML
* Support tickets/ help centre
* Ruby on rails/ RUBY
* Moodle
* Software for poll and survey
* Photos and Images
* Social networking
* Bulletin board i.e. message forums
* Wordpress/ web blog
* Form mail script
* Project management to manage your projects
* Python
* PERL 5
* PHP 5
* Shockwaves/ Flash
* Support for custom PHP.INI Files
I used these features and I really got very good services of the company in terms of hosting as well as in terms of customer service. First of all the website is properly hosted in an excellent way due to the above features given and common features required for hosting sites. With the great hosting, I also appreciate their customer as well as their technical support. If I had any kind of problem with my website or related to other things then as per their instructions I just either gave them a call on their customer care no. or either drop them a mail on their mail id and convey my issue to them they ask me to provide them a little bit of time in which they can understand the problem and will resolve it ASAP.Overall, their hosting, customer support, web hosting features and plans are great and excellent.

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Laurie Meunier
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June 18, 2014
I am very pleased with the...

I am very pleased with the services of the provider as they offer so many technologies which are World class as given;
* 24 hrs customer support
* Apache web server which can be customized
* Linux operating system
* Quad processor servers of performance
* Daily back up of websites
* OC-48 backbone connection
* UPS power back up
With the above technologies I am also using their e-commerce features which are also very helpful to me as I am running my business online so I do have the requirement and they offered several as given:
* SSL server for security
* Directories protected with Password
* Open PGP/GPG Encryption
* Shopping Cart based on OS Commerce
* Generated Certificate at free of cost
* Agora Shopping Cart
By using these E-commerce features my website is properly hosted and my online business is also running very smoothly and I am totally satisfied with the services of the company and have decided that I will like to continue their hosting services in future also, as I have plans for future that I will open my two companies and will run them online, so I am in the need of the same.

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Curtis Sieben
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May 6, 2014
I purchased three web hosting plans...

I purchased three web hosting plans from this provider to host my three different websites. Some features are different but the common ones which I received from the company and which are included in all the plans are as follow:

* Hosting of domain in an unlimited qty.
* Transfer of the no. of files as many as you want in other terms I mean unlimited bandwidth. Disk space for hosting in an unlimited qty.
* SSH access which is a secure shell and provide safety and security to your websites,
* File transfer protocol,
* Secure sockets layer,
* Statistics of website,
* 2500 IMAP and POP E-Mail accounts,
* CGI Bin and CGI library, Perl, PHP, Ruby (ROR), MYSQL, Domain without any charges. Site builder without any fees. Extensions on Front page.International domain names support
* 3 different e-mail solutions based on web
* Unlimited forwarding e-mail accounts
* Unlimited Add on domains and Parked domains
* Unlimited additional accounts of FTP
* Unlimited Postgre SQL database
* Server side includes
* Frontpage 2000/ 2002 extensions
* Control panel account
* Override.htaccess support
* Webmail i.e. e-mail based on browser
* Log files
* Web file manager
* Error pages which are customizable as per the need
* Custom Cron jobs
* Protection from spam and viruses
By availing and using the above given features in all my plans my websites were properly hosted and I got very good results in terms of hosting services and customer services both. I do not face the issue of downtime of server and with this in case this issue occurs or any other issue arises in this context also then I just gave them a call, convey my problem and they resolve the issue in just few min i.e. in a very less span of time, so overall their level of customer support is really appreciable.

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