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Difference Between Linux and Windows Dedicated Hosting

by on September 6, 2018

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Since most users prefer Linux, the features that you may want will often come with a Linux option. In fact, some hosting companies do not even offer a Windows option. What`s the difference? Let`s take a closer look at the two operation systems. Code Access The main reason why Linux is easily preferred over Windows is that you have access to the source code when you use Linux. Since Linux is an open-user operation system, any users can access and alter Linux code. You can`s access Windows code. It`s just not going to happen. For most developers and tinkerers, Linux is the only way to go, since it represents true freedom. But, there`s a flip side to this coin. Some people think that granting anyone access to source code simply opens the operating system up for all kinds of complications. It`s like letting thousands of hands into the same cookie jar at once. Problems can arise from this kind of setup. But, you can`t change Windows code (or even view it, really) at all, so it`s not customizable in any kind of way. Aside from code access, there are other reasons why Linux is preferred.

License Freedom?

Another reason why developers love Linux is that you can change the code, play with the program, and modify software as much as you want to. You can even sell the modified code if you let others have acess to your code (you see, it`s all about sharing!). Linux is also a kind of indie operation, since it`s not backed by deep corporate pockets. Windows is just the opposite of Linux. But, there are reasons why people go for a Windows setup too.

Why Choose Windows?

Most of the time, Windows is chosen because it seems simpler to use. Users that don`t care about having total control will go the Windows route. No, you can`t look at or mess with the source code, but most small busienss owners really don`tt care about that option. However, there are some applications that require a Windows server (and Linux just wont do here). Applications that have to go with Windows include:

  • C#
  • Remote Desktop
  • MS Access
  • Visual Basic Development
  • ASP Classic

If you`re running any of these applications, you will need to go with a Windows setup. Keep in mind that you may have to buy certain licenses at times (another drawback of Windows). Linux, on the other hand, is free.

The Support Issue:

If you do decide to go the Windows route, know that you will have to pay for technical support. This is another reason why most tech types don`t use Windows. To find Linux support, all you have to do is visit a Linux support forum, and ask other users what you need to know. Soon enough, you will have more than plenty of answers to your questions. Reasons to Switch to Linux

  1. It`s free
  2. It`s reliable
  3. It`s customizable
  4. It`s flexible
  5. It`s secure
  6. You can always find support from peers

So, you see, Linux tends to win this fight hands-down. If you are using Windows applications (like the ones listed above), you don`t have much choice in this matter, and you have to go with a Windows server. But, if you do have the option, Linux will provide you with a lot more flexibilty. Plus, Linux is just faster more often than not.  

Finding a Linux Hosting Company:

Make sure to do your homework when it comes to signing up for a Linux-based dedicated server package. You can never compare enough hosting companies, and you can never read enough customer generated reviews. You`ll find a lot of help on this site, and you`ll also find that the information on SiteGeek.com is useful, real, and helpful  check it out.

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